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Visions of History
Legend of the Cherokee Rose, Visions of History,
A Rare Breed, Mama Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Indians,
soundg.gif (590 bytes)  Leonard Peltier Honor Song Lo Fi,
soundg.gif (590 bytes)  Leonard Peltier Honor Song Hi Fi,
Leonard Peltier, Lakota Man,
Prayer and Honor Song for Baby Raven, Raven Spirit Walker Soap, Grandpa Story, Marching Angels, Indian Man, Holy Road,
Recitation Buddy Redbow, The Heart of Everything That Is,
A Cherokee Rose Duet, Recitation/Echoes Of The People,
Echoes of the People

cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)     BMI 1993      cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)
SSwatw2.jpg (5537 bytes) WALKING AGAINST THE WIND
Traditional Flute Solo & Song,
Amazing Grace In Cherokee, Junaluska,
We're Coming Home, Many Moons, Orphan Child,
Legend Of The Corn Beads,
A Cold Day In Hell, Walking Against The Wind,
Rolling Thunder, Wounded Knee

cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)    BMI 1992     cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)
SScrdh.jpg (4683 bytes) Cherokee Rose & David Hill

On Safer Ground, Along The Red Road

cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)     1999     cherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)

SSBalancedByTraditionCover.jpg (6756 bytes) Balanced By Tradition

Keetowah  Prophecy, John Ross Song, Pow Wow
Along The Red Road,
Pow Wow Road, Silver & Turquois
So You Want To Be A...?, Halfbreed
On Safer Ground, Balanced By Tradition
The Morningstar



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Cherokee Rose & Silena
P. O. Box 337
Waleska, Ga  30183

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Morning Star
Pow Wow Road

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

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A beautiful mother and daughter duo are blazing a trail across the Pow Wow Circuit.
They are also a favorite at rodeos and country clubs across the country.
They are Cherokee mixed bloods and can relate to their audiences on several levels.
They write and sing ballads, blues, and contemporary country...
having one of the most versatile sounds of any female artist today.
Their love and respect for tradition is reflected in this collection of songs.
Featuring the talented Eddie Bushyhead on Flute and Solo-Guide Me Jehova
and JunaLuska.
Edna ChekeleLee and her Elder Mother Martha Wachacha sing in their
native tongue outside their smokey mountain home.
The haunting background flute solos of Robert Two Hawks will mesmerize you
as they move into their own contemporary music.
A blend of yesterday and today from their tear felt songs
about the Trail of Tears to their torchy love songs.
They weave their way into your heart and you'll know you've been touched.

By Cherokee Rose & Silena



This beautiful mother/daughter duet have harnessed the wind and are
riding across the nation on praise and accolades of their talents.

The versatile sound of Cherokee Rose and Silena have made them a favorite
at Pow Wows, Indian Festivals, rodeos, and country music events around the country.
Because, they believe music is a universal language that speaks to the heart,
they have chosen to set their stories, from their native
hearts, into today's contemporary style of music.  They tell it like it was and still
is for the Indian peoples.  As usual, their love and respect for their tradition
and culture us apparent in theis 2nd album
entitiled Visions of History.
With this love and respect in mind, they have written a song for Leonard Peltier.
Their wish is to promote public awareness of the violation realized toward him,
hopes of a new trial and a wish to secure truth, justice and freedom for Leonard Peltier.
A special guest performance by Dennis Banks, Co-founder of AIM,
presenting his original recitations:
"Mama, Let Your Babbies Grow Up To Be Indians," "Grandpa Story", and
also giving the beautiful "Leonard Peltier Honor Song".  His words are
like a river to a thirsty soul. Edna Chekelelee, a much beloved
Christian Cherokee woman, from Snowbird, North Carolina gives
a Cherokee prayer of praise, delivers a heart rendering English recitation of
The Legend of the Cherokee Rose, which leads into an opening of the song
"The Legend of the Cherokee Rose".
Eddy Bushyhead, a multi-talented performer from Cherokee,
North Carolina, serenades Cherokee
Rose in a contemporary Indian love song duet, "A Cherokee Rose".
"Echoes Of The People", a recitation by Cleto Montolongo from
Cherokee, North Carolina, tells
of a very spiritual walk that he organized to commemorate and honor
our people forced to  walk a trail of tears over 150 years ago.
"Marching Angels", composed and performed by Chipa Wolf, is a very visual
recreation of
the Trails of Tears.  Chipa Wolf is an activist for Indian rights and a
promoter of Indian events in the southeastern United States.
Cherokee Rose says he is the world's greatest brother,
and Silena says he is the world's greatest uncle.  He is and always will be,
their greatest gift from God.
Mike Curry, a gifted Cherokee flutist. was born and raised in the southwest.
He performs one of his beautiful and original honor songs, for
our own Little Raven Spirit Walker Soap, from Cherokee,
North Carolina.  To Which we add the prayers of our people.
"May the creator walk with you on this wonderous journey we call life"

~~ Cherokee Rose and Silena



Greetings to all our relations from Cherokee
Rose and Silena. We want to say thank you
to all our loyal fans and supporters who have
been on the Pow Wow Trail since 1987 and to
the brothers and sisters who are eager to
learn more about the Native American culture.
We invite you into the world of Cherokee Rose and Silena. We are mixed blood
Cherokee women....a mother and daughter duet often referred to as the Judds
of the Indian World. We were the first Cherokee women to tell it like it was, and
still is for Indian people. We write only from an Indian perspective, and believe
that music is the universal language that speaks to the heart.
So we have taken the words from our Native hearts and put them to a very
popular style of, blues, and contemporary...
with the beautiful voices of our Elders and Traditionals giving us the
legends in song from long ago.
Journey with us along the Red Road, and share our Vision Of History.
Allow us to introduce to you the unsung heroes of the past and present.
They are the people that hold our future.
They are the children of the people that have lived in the sky
where the rivers flow, and the ancient trees still thrive
where there's medicine that is good, and there's medicine that is bad
and they are Balanced By Traditions that they've always had.

~Cherokee Rose and Silena


To Obtain The Music Of Cherokee Rose & Silena

write to:  Cherokee Rose & Silena
               P. O. Box 337
               Waleska, Ga.  30183

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The Recordings

Visions Of History
Walking Against The Wind
Balanced By Traditions

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Our sincere thanks goes to all who we have met along the way
and who have shared our journey of music
and we welcome those who are yet to come into our world.

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Promoters, Producers, News Media

Cherokee Rose and Silena are currently available for bookings throughout the United States and Canada.
The 2001 schedule is now available for bookings and it is recommended that dates for 2002 be
secured early.  Depending upon the event Rose & Silena can perform accapela, acoustic, with
tracks, or with bands or most effectively with other individual artists on native flutes & drums.
Also, Rose & Silena have in their immediate and extended family award winning dancers
and singers and instrumentalists who are available as schedules permit. 
Their performance is a natural addition to the increasingly popular  pow wows, rodeos,
campus events, festivals, and a wide variety of private and public funtions.

Cherokee Rose and Silena have extensive stories to tell.  These stories are told through
word and song and span like a bridge from their historical past to the present and
future generations.   And because they educate and entertain in a serious but
beautiful way they are now being sought for ventures outside the pow wow
trail for which they are mostly known and admired by all of their fans and
friends and relations.   Movie considerations are ongoing as well as
book, periodical, and press releases in various stages.

Contact for any event or project in these categories can be made
on your letter head to
Cherokee Rose & Silena
P. O. Box 337
Waleska, Georgia 30183
WildRose Productions
Your contact will be handled promptly.