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A site with a variety of information including festival schedules, information on Peltier,
and links to related sites of interest.
Cultural events, marketing, education and entertainment.

Laughing Wolf Studios
The home of artist Henry Patton
and friends,
Native American, wildlife
and environmental information.

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  LPDC Website     Comprehensive information On Leonard Peltier......
                                              updates, history, links. plan of action

The Spike
Pow Wow Schedules, Issues, Law,
Photo Gallery
News, Website Creation

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Harvey Arden dkharvey_sm.jpg (6628 bytes) Founder of
Hello-- Welcome to revolution in publishing. We publish
experiences. On this site you will visit-- veritably sit at the knee of-- the Elders, the Old Ones,
the Dreamkeepers, the Wisdomkeepers, the Spiritual Elders of the indigenous world. connects the Elders to the world-- and the world to Elders.........
at a time when their luminous message may be the only salvation for all of us.

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Cherokee Rose & Silena

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Appearance Schedule
Cherokee Rose & Elvis

Photo Gallery

Morning Star
Pow Wow Road

Legend Of The Cherokee Rose

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