Cherokee Rose & Silena
On The
Pow Wow Road

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Cherokee Rose & Silena onstage at
the Mt. Juliet
Summer Pow Wow

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Cherokee Ross with
John Ross who is the
former Chief of The
Western Cherokees in
Oklahoma and a direct
descendant of Chief John Ross
of the 1830's.

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Cherokee Rose with Crystal Gayle

at a

Mt. Juliet Pow Wow.

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Cherokee Rose with a

young admirer

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Chief John Ross,
Cherokee Rose,
Robin & Silena

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Cherokee Rose with Angelena and Leonard Peltier's granddaughter Alex

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Silena & her new husband Robin at their Wedding ceremony

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Melvin during an intense dance competion

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SSpwr-04.jpg (5446 bytes) Robin and Angelena

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Cherokee Rose & Silena

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