Cherokee Rose & Elvis

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Elvis Holding Cherokee Rose
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" He went out of his way to bring
comfort to fans in need whenever
he could.  He really helped lift
the spirits of this little girl
and he was glad to do it."



"That was what the newspapers
and movie magazines around
the world announced
after I was paid a visit
from the
"King Of Rock and Roll"

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Elvis with Cheroke Rose in Hospital
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"You Can't Fake Sincerity"


Not Every One Has An Elvis Story
But the people who do have come away knowing they were
in the presence of a very special man.
Someone who was deeply sensitive , and
intuitive to the feelings of others
He is remembered not only for being The King of Rock and Roll,
a title given to him by the World for re-writing Musical History
but as a man who is still very much alive in the hearts
of the young and old today; whose music and spiritual gifts touched
our soul and carried us through,
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters..........
Cherokee Rose shares with us what it meant in her life

To Be Touched By The King

I was just a little girl, and just like my Mother,
I was his biggest fan. My Mother was divorced from my Father and was
raising three children by herself on a waitress' pay.  She had arranged to be off
from her job on the 4th of July to take my brothers and myself to a family picnic
in the country
And afterwards she was taking us to see Elvis Presley, live and in concert,
in Russwood Park in Memphis Tenn.
We left my GrandMothers house after a beautiful day of sharing, and on a curvy country road, we were hit head on by another car.     The last thing I remember was my beautiful Mother putting her arm across my baby brother and me and saying "brace yourself kids their going to hit us."   The other driver had been drinking.   We were finally taken to a hospital.   We had no money for a deposit, and neighbors heard about us on the radio, and came to the hospital and
gave them $ 50.00 so they would begin treatment.  
I had a serious face and head injury, and was not responding.... to anyone.     I would call "Elvis" "Elvis" over and over.... My Mother, believed I would not regain consciousness unless I heard his voice.   So she put in a call to Sam Phillips in Memphis, and he in turn contacted Elvis who was on tour and in Tupelo, Mississippi  by this time.    When he heard of my condition, he headed back to Memphis, and came to see me.    I don't remember his walking in, but something in my spirit knew he was there.   
My Mother told me that when he took my small hand in his he spoke these words to me

"Little Girl wake up,
be all that you can be,
for life is a gift from God above,
and so are your dreams."

He touched me, and my Mother said I opened my eyes and fell into his arms.
He was not my idol, he was sent in, by God he laid hands, on me,
and we both were to bear witness to a song
he would later record on a gospel album....

It Is No Secret what God Can Do....
He was the Answer to A Mother"s prayer,  and her faith made me whole.

Elvis Presley was a gift to this World, and a little half breed girl, who was touched by the King, grew up living life, with a hope, and a prayer, and a pocket full of dreams.
Look for my forth coming tribute to Elvis, a song titled
And He Dreamed,
to be released sometime this year...

Cherokee Rose
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Cherokee Rose grew up remembering what Elvis had told be all that she could be...
and to live out her dreams.   When Rose first met Elvis they already had something in common....
the gift of song and the reaching out to others with their songs.  Today Cherokee Rose and her daughter,
Silena, perform the songs they write and believe in in a variety of settings such as pow wows, rodeos,
private functions, and on college campuses.  And very much like Elvis, they reach out and
touch those that have come near their spirits.    Join her and Silena and their families
as they perform in an area near you.    You will hear songs of beauty, songs of strength,
songs of love, songs of the spirit, and songs of their culture. 
And when you leave you will be carrying with you some of the spirit they have shared.

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Cherokee Rose & Silena


Cherokee Rose & Silena

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