History In Pictures
Chercherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)kee Rcherose2_r.gif (13128 bytes)se & Silena
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Cherokee Rose and Silena onstage
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SSr+1-3.jpg (6729 bytes) Cherokee Rose with one of many
loyal and dedicated fans....
Rose and Silena being presented with
flowers after performing for her Annual
Mother's Day Pow Wow in Canton, Ga.
Cherokee Rose and Silena are long time
favorites among Pow Wows, Indian Festivals,
and Rodeos throughout the United States.
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SSrs-13.jpg (5105 bytes) Silena teaches history of the Cherokee people through song in one of her original compositions and performances as mother Rose looks on. SSs-7.jpg (6042 bytes)
ssrs-11.jpg (6922 bytes) Cherokee Rose and Silena
performing in the circle
Cherokee Rose with Alex Peltier
at a Southeastern Pow Wow
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ssrs1-3.jpg (12830 bytes) Cherokee Rose and Silena
with one of their many
friends who reunite
regularly at the
seasonal Pow Wows
Cherokee Rose and Silena
gathered after a pow wow
with many friends and
family members.
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Silena and Wildrose
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Cherokee Rose with little Wildrose
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On Silena and Robin's Wedding Day
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Cherokee Rose and Silena invite you to be a part of their history at their next performance.

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Cherokee Rose & Silena

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